The 4th Annual Brain War takes place on FRIDAY, February 23, 2018 at Dalhousie University (Location TBD). The event will run from 9:30 am-5:00 pm. Teams of four are expected to arrive no later than 8:30 am for registration and briefing before the event begins. A boxed lunch will be provided at NOON.

The competition itself will consist of 20 short tasks and 4 long tasks – each team’s performance in each task will be evaluated by a judge who is an expert in the subject being tested, and he or she will give the team a score. Each team’s total score at the end of the day will be used to determine their overall ranking, and the top  teams will go forward to the Big Brain Finals at 3PM.

A cluster of five teams, all colour coded, will be provided with a team lead to help them travel from station to station; this individual will be his or her team’s reference point for general competition inquiries, but he or she cannot answer any questions about task content. Teams will be provided with a team colour and a corresponding colour coded schedule. All teams will begin each task, whether long or short, at their corresponding colour station.


Teams are composed of four members, with no limit on catchment area (i.e. members of a high school team can be from different high schools; members of a university/college team can comprise a variety of post-secondary students; open teams can consist of anyone, family members encouraged).  A maximum of 40 teams are available to compete. The skills that Brain War tests are designed so that teams of all ages have a chance of winning – it’s anybody’s game!

We’re happy to announce that the Department of Education has sponsored 25 high school teams to compete for the 2018 Competition! Only two teams per school is allowed to register and will be given at first come, first served.

Registration fees will be collected 3-10 business days after registration.

If you would like to sponsor a team please contact Helen Dolan at

Any other inquiries, including interest to volunteer for the event, please contact Andrea Durfee at