The Annual Brain War is a legacy fundraising event that challenges the mind with a series of 30 stations each testing a different component or a combination of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) components addressing the following:

  • Content categories for trivia, multiple types or styles of “brain use”
  • Sensation (awareness), memory, processing, creativity, output (communication)
  • Quiz / science knowledge
  • Reasoning/problem solving/logic/lateral thinking – i.e. engineering challenge, building a device with a set of provided materials
  • Complete the pattern, what comes next in a series?
  • What do these things have in common?
  • Which is the most different and why?
  • Information processing – i.e. “reading for detail” filter and synthesize information to separate relevant from irrelevant data
  • Spatial manipulation – i.e. Rubik’s cube, tangram, etc.
  • Language and information systems – code breaking
  • Memory
  • Sensation / cognition – change blindness, “inattentional blindness”

Teams of four will spend the day rotating from challenge to challenge in rapid succession, endeavouring to outperform the competition, and there will be competition.



The top teams will move onto the Big Brain Finals where there they will be given a celebrity “Big Brain” to play on their team to battle it out against the other teams for the winning title of Brain War V Champions.


To be announced.

Good Luck to all the competing teams for Brain War 2018! You’re tremendous support means so much to us here at the Discovery Centre!

Examples of the stations are:

The Travelling Salesperson:

For anyone that thinks they’ve optimized their route through the grocery store or has the fastest path off the peninsula: contemporary mathematicians and computer scientists cannot produce a general algorithm to directly find the shortest path through a set of points. Can you?

Tactile Drawing:

Can you fit a pencil-sketch prodigy and someone with the body awareness of a martial arts master onto the same four-person team? You’ll need to if you want top points in a drawing / guessing challenge where the guesser can’t see.

Jigsaw Jam:

Puzzle expert? Jigsaw genius? Can you coordinate a team of four people into crack speed-
puzzlers to solve the toughest puzzles we could devise? You’ll need the people pieces to get the other kind together in time.

Scaling Up:

Have you got surpassing pitch? You’ll need it to keep your scales straight when the pressure is on. At Brain War, we give you your shot to prove it.

Build Something:

Do you miss applying your brilliance to the protection of falling eggs and the construction of newspaper structures? If you’re the Buckminster Fuller of BBQ skewers, your team will need your expertise for our construction challenges. Come play with us.